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Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper.Steve Hewett is certified as a Qualified Water-Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) which translates to savings in your water use through proper plant selection and proper irrigation systems.

Steve's irrigation management has been responsible for a savings between 25% and 65% on current water bills without sacrificing the beauty of the garden.

Drought Tolerant Strategies

Steve has a wide range of experience and expertise with gardens, design, special effects, lighting, and low-water gardens, which is becoming increasingly more important in California. Contact him to:

  1. Conserve water by fixing leaks
  2. Install E.T. Smart controllers
  3. Install MPR Nozzles
  4. Mulch
  5. Cultivate Soil
  6. Prune canopies
  7. Install grey water system
  8. Install rain catch system
  9. Aggressive lawn aeration
  10. Garden management

Hewett's Landscaping is a full service company aiming to set a higher standard of service in the landscape industry while minimizing environmental impact by building and maintaining properties that are sustainable.

Call for consultation on all of your landscaping needs.




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